European Forage Association (EFA) has evolved originally from the French trade association CIPF and now acts as a platform to bring members from hay and straw associations from across Europe, together, for the mutual benefit of all. 


  • To facilitate the international exchange of straw, fodder, and derivatives.
  • To defend, on an international level, the common interests of member organisations regarding the “product”,
    the “professions” of dealers in straw, fodder, and derivatives, and the “commercial function” in general.
  • To represent the profession within and around official international organisations.

Through these objectives, the association seeks to attain:

  • The study of all commercial questions relating to straw, fodder and derivatives.
  • The permanent improvement in contact between member organisations.
  • The establishment of international trading conditions, arbitration rules and practices.
  • In general terms, all other appropriate measures.

Board of EFA
President: Mr Karel Mercelis (BE)
Secretary/ Vice President: Mr Graham Lawman (UK)
Treasurer: Ms Jeanette Breedveld-Speksnijder (NL)
Member: Mr Erik Alders (NL)
Member: Mr Mogens Kjeldal (DK)
Member: Mr Lorenzo Laliena Sanz (ES)
Member: Ms Anne Onder De Linden (FR)
Member: Mr Ole Roschen (DE)

Members of the EFA
United Kingdom
The British Hay & Straw Merchants Association (BHSMA)

Federation Belgium Fourages (FeBelFo)

The Netherlands 
Nederlandse Vereniging van Handelaren in Stro, Fourages en Aanverwante Produkten (Hisfa)

De Danske Halmleverandører

Asociación Nacional de Industriales de la Paja (ANIP)

Bund Deutscher Rauhfutter-, Fourage- und Torfhändler e. V.

Green & Yelow (member without an organisation)

Constitution EFA
Constitution of European Forage Association (EFA) 

Hisfa (on EFA)
Braillelaan 9
The Netherlands